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Utah Values

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I have heard over and over from politicians and politicos of all stripes that this person or that organization doesn't represent or live "Utah values" therefor you should not support them.

What are Utah values?

Recently, someone asked me this exact question. My first thought is that Utah values couldn't just be about pioneers, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, family, community, parades, fireworks, or Jello salad. I think Utah values are easier seen in little moments than clearly defined and expressed in words.

When my wife and I moved here seeking opportunity we often laughed about the quirks of living in Utah; a diaper aisle that was literally an entire aisle filled with diapers, grocery shopping is a neighborly event, a Costco on every corner, a steeple in every neighborhood, a temple in every vista, far more Jello options than I thought were possible, no alcohol anywhere, and the Small Lake City effect where you're only one mission companion's older brother's best friend's sister away from lasting friendship.

I think that Utah values are embodied best in little anecdotes; neighbors reaching out in big and small ways during personal and public disaster like our recent earthquakes and hurricane, sometimes with a chainsaw or a cookie, gaggles of children playing tag in neighborhoods, families in front yards and walking around their neighborhoods, welcoming and encouraging refugees to come and be at peace, being boo'd at Halloween and finding Secret Santa gifts at Christmas. We've come to love our chosen home so much that we chose to raise our four children here. Utah is our home, and we are glad to be here.

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