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Voting: why it matters most this year

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

It doesn't... let me explain

Voting is vitally important this year because its a presidential election cycle which includes 1/3 of national senators, about 1/8 of House members, quite a few governors, state legislators, county council seats, mayors educational boards and others. Its important because these choices, primarily the latter, will have a massive impact in your daily life.

Why doesn't voting matter most this year?

Every election is important, especially the local ones. Unfortunately, we've become enamored with the red team vs blue team mud slinging horse race and those parties hope that by energizing their bases the down ticket stuff will get the votes too. We have it backwards. Your mayor/city council/school boar/county supervisor, those people you likely forgot about and can't name... google them you'll be surprised... are the ones with most influence over your life, your liberty, your property, and your pursuit of happiness. They are the ones that set the pothole filling schedule, they direct the schools to hire more administration or teachers, they are the ones that raise your property taxes, yet it's not interesting enough for us to look and do something about.

I'm guilty of this too, and I pay way too much attention to politics. Let's work together, change ourselves then our homes then our neighborhoods, then our communities then our county, state, country and maybe even the world. It doesn't start out there, it starts in there.

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