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Who needs a treasurer?

The State of Utah, like most businesses, nonprofits and government entities, has a state Treasurer. It is a position created by the State Constitution,

"Index Constitution

Article VII Executive Department

Article VII, Section 15[Duties of State Auditor and State Treasurer.] 1)The State Auditor shall perform financial post audits of public accounts except as otherwise provided by this Constitution.

2)The State Treasurer shall be the custodian of public moneys.

3)Each shall perform other duties as provided by statute."

Who needs a treasurer? I guess we do... but why?

In 2019 the State of Utah reportedly took in over $11,463,593,081 in revenues. Just in case you got lost in that series of numbers; that's over ELEVEN BILLION DOLLARS or in other words $3,817 per person living in Utah. Clearly, all of this revenue doesn't come from just us directly, but a big enough portion comes from my house that, like you, I want to make sure we can hold the person responsible for moving BILLIONS accountable.

Let's work together to build a better Utah,

Joe Speciale

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